Role of security guards in security services

Security services are focused on secure the premises. When we talk about VIP individuals, the meaning of security gets a little more attention as these individuals are always on a verge of threats or any other anti-social activities. The prime reason behind it is their increased popularity. This popularity often tends to compromise with the ease of public appearance in the society.

It has been seen that the VIP officials are often escorted by the security personals that ensure their safety in public as well as in private. This article will help you get familiar with the common terms and the processes that are involved in offering the VIP security services to the Public figures. There are many security organizations that offer the services through their trained, professional security guards. First of all, let us know who are security guards and what do they do?

Role of security guards in security services
Role of security guards in security services

Who is a security guard?

The individuals, who are trained to take care of the security parameter of an individual or a place as a whole, are termed as Security Guards. They are commonly known as Bodyguards too. Any individual, who is physically fit to play the role of a security professional, can become a security guard. If we talk about security guards for a VIP official, then the guard must have a good experience in the field and should be professionally trained well enough to meet all kinds of circumstances, whenever required. The core responsibility of a security guard is to act as a protective shield and guard the surroundings and premises of the place or individual.

Role of a Security Guard:

  • To be visible

The primary role of any security guard is to remain visible with his presence in the area, where he is assigned his duties. It is important as it may give a red alert to many of the anti-social activities. This could serve as an alarm for them and they could back off.

  • To be vigilant

It is important to be proactively present in the place of his duty. An efficient guard should be capable of using all his senses in judging the situation. His extra alertness could be beneficial for all. Any impending danger could be ruled out with his diligence in vigilance.

  • To be quickly responsive

Another important feature should be that he should be quickly responsive to the outer stimulation. This will further help him to be a quick responder in times of need.

  • To be a good observer

This inbuilt quality among the security guards helps them to sense and judge the situation at the earliest phase. It helps in creating a more secure atmosphere in the surroundings.

  • To keep a regular check and monitor

In spite of all the above qualities, the qualities of a good observant should be always there with a good guard. Irrespective of the situation and premises, he should keep a regular check and monitor the things in a more frequent manner.

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