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Ensure your safety with security audit from best security agencies

A security audit is designed to help a client accurately determine the best mix of products and systems to optimally enhance the client’s security situation. A security audit consists of inspecting the client’s site, premises and existing physical security systems to identify shortfalls, with an eye to finding solutions for them. At Ansec, we have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization and what issues are driving that noncompliance to establish an effective security program.

Security guard services in Pune

How do we conduct a security audit

The main idea behind security audit is the fact that security measures are of little use if they are not enforced. A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented. It shows you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures and how can it can be improved. These few steps are taken into consideration while carrying out a security audit:

Examine the physical layout of the facility.

  • The first thing to do is examine the layout of the physical area.

  • Basic security questions need to be asked while surveying the layout such as if the layout creates places to hide if the landscape provides roof access if there is enough lighting to illuminate key areas and many more.

Note the number and location of all access points.

  • Access points are an important part of security check, as they connect the place to the outside world.

  • While checking on the access points, questions arise such as if the employees and visitors go through a single security checkpoint, or are there multiple access points or if the doors, gates, elevators, and other points secured using electronic access control technology.

  • There should be no breach of security, so every access point should be taken into consideration, such as windows. Take a check if windows are closed and locked or otherwise secured.

  • In this way, every access point should be checked upon and reported.

Consider the use of security guards

  • The importance of security guards can’t be denied while putting forward a security audit. The main question is if the organization currently employs guards.

  • If so, are they utilized effectively to control access, make rounds, and respond to security incidents?

  • If there are no employed guards, consider the pros and cons of adding security guards and conclude if they are a good option for improving security.

  • As you survey the access points, you will be able to put into data the number and location of security guards required.

Investigate the effectiveness of the facility’s current physical security technology

  • Checking the effectiveness of the current physical security system is an important part of a security audit.

  • It is only after doing this, that you can make recommendations about what needs to be added to the security system, what facilities need to be replaced and what kind of changes need to be made.

  • Questions such as how are visitor management handled, during a security incident, would the organization have insight into which visitors are currently on site or were during a particular time, are taken into consideration.

  • If security gaps exist, would it be more cost-effective to add cameras or other technologies, invest in security guards, or a combination of the above?

Accelerating your insights on security with Ansec

Thus, auditing provides a clear picture of security control performance and allows organizations to make necessary changes, modifications and purchases to improve your security programs. The auditing and monitoring of security controls check the condition and administration of organizational area and offers numerous benefits including the following:

  • Protection against common security breaches

  • Many weaknesses identified can be corrected on the spot

  • Valuable education and enhanced security awareness

  • Surveys are conducted quickly with minimal interruptions to your operations

  • Cost-effective

  • Baseline of your current security profile provided

There is no substitute for vigilant monitoring of security controls. A security breach could damage your reputation and cause unlimited trouble. Implementing a vigorous and repeatable security auditing process will help to minimize external and internal threats, increasing customer trust and preserving corporate profits.

The idea of security audit may seem a little confusing right now. This is just the beginning of understanding your security system, its weakness, and strengths. You can focus on how it can be improved to strengthen your safety and soundness. But you can give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you always have Ansec, professional security agencies in Pune protecting you, your business and everyone around you.

Ansec wishes you good luck and safety in all that you pursue.

Role of Safety Officers in College campuses

The Institutes and universities are in a transforming phase. There are a lot of new students coming from all parts of the world to colleges and hence, the campus of a college has to cope-up with the changing crowd. These changes indirectly affect the campus security. The security guard is a major part of building a sound and safe environment inside college campuses.

The campus security has to start right from finding and hiring good security services which provide best security officers for the college campus. It is the most important task to hire the right person for the post campus security based on the area’s culture.

security agencies in Pune

One of the key factor that needs to be studied while choosing a security service provider is their ability to accurately develop security and safety plan for example in the case of emergency evacuation situations, violence in the campus and natural disasters etc. This way of developing standards and plans are commonly known as SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures) and are crucial to ensure that not only the institute and its campus are safe, but also their faculties and all the students who are connected to the institute are safe.

The college campuses now a days face several problems and it is the responsibility of security officers to find and fix them.

Some of the major problems or issues in college campus are:

  • Gender discrimination
  • Cultural diversity
  • Ragging
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Violence

All of these problems require proper supervision and dedication to support the culture and regulation of any campus.

There are several security service providers in pune who have been working efficiently as per the client guidelines and requests. ANSEC HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES PVT. LTD. is a well reputed Security Service Provider which offers several services that are suitable to each small, medium and big clients. Ansec HR Services provide the best security satisfaction in market. They provide Security Services as per the client demands. Security guards meeting all the basic qualifications like Physical, Medical Standards and Educational are chosen and then trained to handle security. The security staff is honest, committed to the work assigned to them.

ANSEC HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES PVT. LTD, the top Security Agency in pune, serves the campus with the best security officers, periodic and modern training, and make them aware of their role i.e. to protect the students.

Students from different ways of life may experience some problems, the moment they come to the colleges. They require help since they find it difficult in making their way, and have to make sure that they are safe in the college campus, especially the new members of the institution. Every college campus must have an anti-ragging team dedicated to make students feel secure in the college campus.

Ansec helps institutes and universities by serving them experienced security. The safety officers, that are to be employed after evaluation, must be well-aware about the campus responsibilities along with a friendly behavior with the students and other people.

The security agencies in Pune should have personnel or guards trained to identify anyone who might be under the influence of any addiction like alcohol and drugs, and to efficiently manage any situation. The security guards must be completely aware of the enforcement roles and responsibilities. Ragging, emotional and physical abuse etc. is also a big problem in the colleges. Security officer need to efficiently handle such abuse and quickly respond to violence incidents, which can lead to serious threats like assault if not identified at the right time. Other problems like eve teasing, messages and e-mails, threatening texts, and oral abuse must also be identified.

The major problem faced by the security agencies is when students and staff of an institute come from different backgrounds and culture.

Benefits of Security Services-Protect the Premises

We all know Security services is must to protect from harm. It applies to everywhere, for various assets, personal, communities, any objectional, national or any organizational.

The security benefits regularly incorporate verification, against infection, hostile to malware/spyware, interruption location, and security occasion administration, among others.

Outsourced security permitting and conveyance is bragging a multibillion-dollar market. It gives clients Internet security administrations giving assurance from online dangers and assaults, for example, that are continually scanning for get to focuses to trade off websites.

top security agencies in pune is Ansec

Every business owner wants their employees, various assets and office premises to be safe from harm. Since, every organization worked years to build and maintain the businesses, and when you leave, you obviously want to have a protection from harm, harmful community, people etc.

Private companies need to manage the truth that robberies and different wrong doings, bad activities can happen on business premises. In few organizations, for example, comfort stores, banks and retail locations, might be to a greater degree an objective for crooks and unimportant hoodlums than different sorts, however a wide assortment of organizations contract security watches. Watchmen can be utilized to counteract bad activities, look after security, and help clients and workers.

There are many Security service providers in the district have been effectively working here in Pune, as per the associations request. ANSEC HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES PVT. LTD. is also a well known Security Service Provider in the Pune offers benefits that are most appropriate to each small, medium and bigger associations. Ansec HR Services gives the best security benefits in the market.

security services in Pune

They offer Security Services as per the clients requirement. Security Personnel meeting Physical, Educational and Medical Standards are chosen and prepared to handle Security and Vigilance obligation with the most extreme of the capacities. Security staffs are straightforward, steadfast with abnormal state of honesty. They are all around prepared in the systems of Fire Prevention, Fire – Fighting, and First – Aid.


Criminals will frequently mull over focusing on a business with formally dressed assurance and will search for “less demanding” targets. Security experts are prepared, and more sensitive to see any suspicious conduct and to make a move as needs be the point at which a security break is suspected. While standard security portions of CCTV cameras and other observation strategies are additionally compelling in hindering criminal activity, these can frequently be vandalized or assaulted, implying that the nearness of a security watch is regularly more successful in stopping undesirable conduct by demonstrating potential dangers that you are not kidding about the security of your business.


A very prepared security expert will maintain your business practices as to taking care of any security-related issues. If a genuine bad activities happens on your premises, a security expert will be set up to handle the circumstance. Security gatekeepers can get fluctuating levels of preparing with regards to effectively reacting to a wrongdoing. Top Security Services offers broad preparing to the majority of our security group to guarantee that our watchmen will act proficiently and sensibly when confronted with criminal movement on your business’ premises.

Ansec Customer Service Centers are located across the state and security staffed with the most experienced security professionals are ready to help at any situation & protect your business at any immediate notice; they can even provide fully support for business reporting.

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