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Role of security guards in security services

Security services are focused on secure the premises. When we talk about VIP individuals, the meaning of security gets a little more attention as these individuals are always on a verge of threats or any other anti-social activities. The prime reason behind it is their increased popularity. This popularity often tends to compromise with the ease of public appearance in the society.

It has been seen that the VIP officials are often escorted by the security personals that ensure their safety in public as well as in private. This article will help you get familiar with the common terms and the processes that are involved in offering the VIP security services to the Public figures. There are many security organizations that offer the services through their trained, professional security guards. First of all, let us know who are security guards and what do they do?

Role of security guards in security services
Role of security guards in security services

Who is a security guard?

The individuals, who are trained to take care of the security parameter of an individual or a place as a whole, are termed as Security Guards. They are commonly known as Bodyguards too. Any individual, who is physically fit to play the role of a security professional, can become a security guard. If we talk about security guards for a VIP official, then the guard must have a good experience in the field and should be professionally trained well enough to meet all kinds of circumstances, whenever required. The core responsibility of a security guard is to act as a protective shield and guard the surroundings and premises of the place or individual.

Role of a Security Guard:

  • To be visible

The primary role of any security guard is to remain visible with his presence in the area, where he is assigned his duties. It is important as it may give a red alert to many of the anti-social activities. This could serve as an alarm for them and they could back off.

  • To be vigilant

It is important to be proactively present in the place of his duty. An efficient guard should be capable of using all his senses in judging the situation. His extra alertness could be beneficial for all. Any impending danger could be ruled out with his diligence in vigilance.

  • To be quickly responsive

Another important feature should be that he should be quickly responsive to the outer stimulation. This will further help him to be a quick responder in times of need.

  • To be a good observer

This inbuilt quality among the security guards helps them to sense and judge the situation at the earliest phase. It helps in creating a more secure atmosphere in the surroundings.

  • To keep a regular check and monitor

In spite of all the above qualities, the qualities of a good observant should be always there with a good guard. Irrespective of the situation and premises, he should keep a regular check and monitor the things in a more frequent manner.

Ansec HR is providing number one security service in Pune. They concentrate on giving efficient training to all their security guards and this makes their service unique, efficient and faultless. Contact us if you got any requirements or queries for the security service.

Ensure your safety with security audit from best security agencies

A security audit is designed to help a client accurately determine the best mix of products and systems to optimally enhance the client’s security situation. A security audit consists of inspecting the client’s site, premises and existing physical security systems to identify shortfalls, with an eye to finding solutions for them. At Ansec, we have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization and what issues are driving that noncompliance to establish an effective security program.

Security guard services in Pune

How do we conduct a security audit

The main idea behind security audit is the fact that security measures are of little use if they are not enforced. A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented. It shows you where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current systems and procedures and how can it can be improved. These few steps are taken into consideration while carrying out a security audit:

Examine the physical layout of the facility.

  • The first thing to do is examine the layout of the physical area.

  • Basic security questions need to be asked while surveying the layout such as if the layout creates places to hide if the landscape provides roof access if there is enough lighting to illuminate key areas and many more.

Note the number and location of all access points.

  • Access points are an important part of security check, as they connect the place to the outside world.

  • While checking on the access points, questions arise such as if the employees and visitors go through a single security checkpoint, or are there multiple access points or if the doors, gates, elevators, and other points secured using electronic access control technology.

  • There should be no breach of security, so every access point should be taken into consideration, such as windows. Take a check if windows are closed and locked or otherwise secured.

  • In this way, every access point should be checked upon and reported.

Consider the use of security guards

  • The importance of security guards can’t be denied while putting forward a security audit. The main question is if the organization currently employs guards.

  • If so, are they utilized effectively to control access, make rounds, and respond to security incidents?

  • If there are no employed guards, consider the pros and cons of adding security guards and conclude if they are a good option for improving security.

  • As you survey the access points, you will be able to put into data the number and location of security guards required.

Investigate the effectiveness of the facility’s current physical security technology

  • Checking the effectiveness of the current physical security system is an important part of a security audit.

  • It is only after doing this, that you can make recommendations about what needs to be added to the security system, what facilities need to be replaced and what kind of changes need to be made.

  • Questions such as how are visitor management handled, during a security incident, would the organization have insight into which visitors are currently on site or were during a particular time, are taken into consideration.

  • If security gaps exist, would it be more cost-effective to add cameras or other technologies, invest in security guards, or a combination of the above?

Accelerating your insights on security with Ansec

Thus, auditing provides a clear picture of security control performance and allows organizations to make necessary changes, modifications and purchases to improve your security programs. The auditing and monitoring of security controls check the condition and administration of organizational area and offers numerous benefits including the following:

  • Protection against common security breaches

  • Many weaknesses identified can be corrected on the spot

  • Valuable education and enhanced security awareness

  • Surveys are conducted quickly with minimal interruptions to your operations

  • Cost-effective

  • Baseline of your current security profile provided

There is no substitute for vigilant monitoring of security controls. A security breach could damage your reputation and cause unlimited trouble. Implementing a vigorous and repeatable security auditing process will help to minimize external and internal threats, increasing customer trust and preserving corporate profits.

The idea of security audit may seem a little confusing right now. This is just the beginning of understanding your security system, its weakness, and strengths. You can focus on how it can be improved to strengthen your safety and soundness. But you can give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you always have Ansec, professional security agencies in Pune protecting you, your business and everyone around you.

Ansec wishes you good luck and safety in all that you pursue.

Exclusive and Customized Security Service for your Organization

Security first’ is a motto we hear from our childhood and it is absolutely true that nothing works out if no security. So people give first priority to security in whatever they do. People hire security agencies to do the job for them especially to safeguard their properties and people. There are many customized security services in India. Ansec HR Pvt. Ltd is a well-known security service company in Pune. As follows, many of our customized security solutions make us unique.

  • Electronic Security

Security Company in Pune

ANSEC is proud to say that we are providing the electronic security to all our clients. The range of services offered by ANSEC is designing, procurement, installation, testing, maintenance and commissioning of the electronic systems. In order to ensure all your safety needs are met, we provide the best-integrated security solutions.

For ensuring that we are providing the best electronic security system, we keep collaboration with the equipment manufacturing sector. To meet the new complex challenges, we keep our solutions abreast with the changing trends. With the help of the technological advancements, we regularly search for the modern innovative electronic security systems. We adapt these updated technologies when we meet the requirements of our clients.

We provide a free demonstration of our electronic security system as are confident of our systems. This not only provides the clarity but also helps to understand the inevitability of adopting these systems in modern chaotic times.

The Electronic Security Systems provided by us are:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

  • Intruder / Burglar Alarm

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Guard Tour Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Metal Detectors

  • Visitors Management Systems

  • Parking Management Systems

  • Security audits

    Security Service

    ANSEC believes the security is better when there is a holistic approach than security in isolation. This is the reason why we advise you to have a full security audit service from ANSEC security audit of your total security operations.

    This is essential for all organizations to have security audits and reviews. We are capable of taking an in-depth review and audit of your security system and operations to ensure that your security operations have kept the pace according to the changes in your business.

    ANSEC corporate risk assessment will recognize and rectify all your security threats. An effective security operation starts with the evaluation of the organization to find out any weaknesses in your present security system or any potential risks in the future. We find out all the risk related to your security system through our security audit and rectify it with a solution.

    Comprehensive evaluations

    Your Security Audit can comprise of detailed analysis of:

    • Threat assessment

    • Policy review

    • Secure area/room security

    • Control of access systems/procedures

    • Perimeter security

    • Intruder detection/alarm systems

    • Vital utility protection and availability (power, water, environmental control)

    • susceptible asset security

    • Contingency and emergency procedures

    • Guards and guarding

    • Business stability and disaster recovery

    • Security attentiveness and awareness

    Customized solutions

    Based on the limits our client say, the experienced security experts of ANSEC will perform a full security audit for your organization. After the audit, the client will decide and define the scope of the audit. We have the resources to conduct the narrow or wide-ranging audits according to the needs of the clients.

    ANSEC provide security audit to many numbers of clients in Pune and we are considered as the best security agency in Pune.

  • VIP escort services 

Best Security Services in Pune

We are confident of rendering all types of security services in Pune to all our clients. Our VIP escorts have years of experience in the field. We provide the personal security service for:

  • Politicians

  • Famous entertainers and celebrities

  • Athletes

  • Players

  • Diplomats

  • News correspondents and much more

We prepare and plan in advance to give VIP security services and only use the highly trained professionals. We believe this planning should be done to avail the perfect VIP protection. We do homework on venue risk, itinerary integrity, transportation routes. This helps us to provide the best protection for all VIPs that we undertook. We also consider the style and specific requirements of the individuals we’re protecting.

ANSEC Human Resource Services Pvt. Ltd is a renowned organization offering high-end security services, bodyguards, lady guards, VIP escort services, staffing and other manpower services in Pune. These services are accomplished by the trained and diligent professionals with the help of modern and advanced methodology and optimum resources. ANSEC ensures that all of our security guards are provided by high standard training to make them bold enough to perform the job and to keep up with the prestige of the  Pune best security service.