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Importance & Roles of the Security Officers Today

Most of the security services in Pune emphasize certain risks. In a retail store, for example, the principal security concerns are shoplifting and employee fraud. A typical set of levels to be secured includes the individual safety of people in the organization, such as customers, employees; physical properties, such as the plant, equipment, finished products, funds, and securities; and intangible assets like highly classified national-security information or “proprietary” information (such as trade secrets) of private organizations.

To secure your business environment, business needs hire a good security officer in pune

Security services are seen in a wide variety of organisations, varying from government agencies and industrial plants to apartment buildings and educational buildings. The large organizations may have their own established security services or they may purchase security services by contract from specialized security organizations like AnsecHR Services Pvt. Ltd.

Development of Security Systems:

The origin of security systems are obscure, but the methods for protecting the household, such as the use of locks and ribbed windows, are very old-fashioned. As cities are being developed, the distinction between passive and active security was identified, and responsibility for active security agencies was vested in police and fire-fighting agencies.

Security systems are increasingly becoming automated that is the computerized programs are being used, particularly in sensing and communicating vulnerabilities and uncertainties. This situation is true in both crime-related applications, such as intrusion-detection devices and fire-protection alarm and response systems. The progress in electronics field is reflected in security equipment that is may be smaller but more reliable and easier to install and maintain.

Security officers offer monitor services to property owners to maintain a safe environment and prevent violence. A security officer plays several important roles, but the primary task of the security officer is to prevent crime. The behaviour and appearance of a security officer on the premises often work as a deterrent to potential criminals. Security guards work in public as well as in private buildings and we have also seen the guards in retail and wholesale stores. Some work at transportation facilities securing against potential terrorist attacks.

Major Duties of security officers

As a job of a security officer, they often guard both the internal and external area of the premises where they work. They control doors, windows, and gates to make sure they’re locked properly or not. If the security alarm rings or if any violence happens, and if any emergency situation arrives the security officer is the first person on the premises to call the emergency police, fire or ambulance services. Security guards might have the duty of attending the phone calls that come into after the business hours. Some of them have the responsibility of monitoring the electric systems of the buildings. Security officers also prepare day to day activity logs and reports of any loss of equipment to present under their duty.

Types of Security Jobs

If one is interested in a career in this field, plenty of career paths are available. Transportation security in the field of transport like protecting goods, equipment, and resources, as well as the system which people are using for transportation. They use systematic screening tools to take care of weapons and ammunition freight. Some of the transportation security leaders have trained service dogs as their security partners. Transportation guards frequently get employment as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers. These officers usually carry weapons with them and wear bulletproof clothing.

Cyber Security

If you are a techno-savvy person and want to prepare for a specific career path for security officers, there is a real growth in the cyber security field. These security officers are highly trained with the utility of computer systems and mobile devices, enabling them constant real-time communication capabilities. From a centralised position, cyber security officers can take pictures of events as they happen and plot GPS coordinates of officers on guard. These officers also make use of closed-circuit cameras to control activities on the premises. Since this field is one of the rapidly upgrading fields, cyber-security officers must attend training courses on a regular basis to stay updated with technology.