VIP escort security services in Pune | VIP protection services

VIP escort security services in Pune

VIP Escort Security Services

VIP Escort Security Services

Ansec have years of experience in providing the reliability and excellence in

VIP security services.

We have well trained and skilled security guards in our team. They follow a proactive approach to stay always attentive and efficient during their duty hours. Along with the mental intelligence, the physical compatibility of our guards was also tested through various fitness tests, prior to their appointment. We are rendering all types of security services in Pune to all our clients. Our experienced VIP escorts provide the personal and VIP security service for:

  • Politicians

  • Famous entertainers and celebrities

  • Athletes

  • Players

  • Diplomats

  • News correspondents

We follow a systemic approach to plan and execute the

VIP security services

for our clients. We have hired highly trained professionals to ensure perfect VIP protection. With little extra home –work, we are able to make ourselves familiar with the possible risks that might occur.